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Florida Jams are only made out of Florida fruit, the occasional Georgia peach, and the wonderful Florida Sunshine! They get our year round sun, soft gentle sea breezes and those always predictable, sultry afternoon showers!

Our Jams are all Homemade. No mass production…just one batch at a time! This insures the yummy goodness in each fresh tasty batch we make!

Our jams also have a more natural texture.  Not rubbery like store purchased jams. We put more "whole fruit" in our jams and less "pectin" so you get more of that wonderful fruity taste! This creates for you the consumer, better tasting jams & spreadable fruit. 

You can count on several wonderful things with our jams....They will always be fresh, tasty, distinct and bursting with flavor with the same quality over and over again!  Here in Florida, we always have the same sunshine, the fruit is always good, and we always make our jams the same way!

Our Jams are all natural…. only three ingredients…. plump tree ripened fruit, sugar and quality pectin.  We may occasionally add, for your delight, a liquor for enhancement on  specialty  jams.

We feel that “HOW” we choose our fruit, is as important as “WHAT” we put into it. The quality of the fruit makes all the difference in the world!

We never add additional sugar and other liquids or fillers to make our recipes go further in our jams.

We add all the fruit we can possibly pack inside our jars…so you get the truest, fruitiest tasting jams for your

You are buying a “NATURAL FRUIT JAM” when you purchase from us!

Once you have tasted our ALL NATURAL Jams, you'll return again
and again!

Every once in a Great while you will find a product that is special.....we hope you feel that way about OURS!


                         email us:  jamminjams1@aol.com                    

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